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The financial services industry is always looking at the latest trends to better protect their data. Read this post to learn what’s happening today. [Read More]
by RSS Brian Forster  |  Nov 01, 2016  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
The financial services industry is consistently under attack. Review this cybersecurity checklist to make sure your organization is prepared. [Read More]
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Financial organizations can benefit from a change in thinking. Read this post to learn how thinking like a cybercriminal can prevent data breaches. [Read More]
by RSS Brian Forster  |  Sep 30, 2016  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
Financial cybersecurity has become a front-and-center topic due to a number of recent high-profile breaches. In the last few months, we have witnessed one of the largest bank robberies ever – a whopping $81 million taken during the digital Bangladesh Bank heist. On the heels of the Bangladesh Bank heist, Russian authorities also announced the detainment of up to 50 suspected hackers for stealing $45 million from banks. In response to these attacks, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chair declared cybersecurity as the biggest... [Read More]
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Insider security threats are commonly plaguing today’s financial institutions. Read this post to find out the most common threats. [Read More]
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The need for cybersecurity vendors in the financial services marketplace has amplified as the threats have increased exponentially due to IOT, BYOD, and state-sponsored cyberterrorism, to name just a few factors.  When looking for proof of the financial sector’s concern with security, we need to look no further than a recent meeting the Treasury Department held to discuss the current threats presented by the cyberthreat landscape. As a result of the damage that can be done due to data breaches in financial services, many organizations... [Read More]
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According to research, nearly half (40 percent) of people in the U.S. and the U.K. have fallen victim to an online account being hacked, a password stolen, or personal information being compromised. Stats like these have many industries, like banking, scrambling for ways to batten down the hatches when it comes to protecting sensitive customer data. In fact, the frustration banks have experienced by thieves stealing personal data from millions of customers has prompted swift action, as many of the largest entities (like Bank of America and Wells... [Read More]
by RSS Srikant Manda  |  Jul 13, 2016  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
The Enterprise security market has grown extremely complicated over the past decade. This complexity is being compounded as the business of Financial Services moves from person-to-person transactions to automated high-speed machine-to-machine operations and workflows. We originally designed security systems that protect people from other people – vaults, teller cages, guards, armored cars, alarms, and security cameras. These tools allowed us to trust people as business partners.  This has all changed. Financial Services is moving to... [Read More]
by RSS Araldo Menegon  |  Jun 30, 2016  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
As cyber-attacks continue to challenge the financial industry, security remains the top priority for financial services in an ever-evolving landscape of threats. Last month, Options - a leading provider of financial technology managed services, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity - sponsored the SALT Conference, which featured cybersecurity and regulation high on the agenda throughout the week.  Speaking at the conference, Admiral James Stavridis, (NATO's 16th Supreme Allied Commander Europe & 15th Commander of the U.S. European... [Read More]
by RSS Brian Forster  |  Jun 24, 2016  |  Filed in: Industry Trends
Businesses today face an ever-evolving threatscape with growing pressure to rethink security strategies for long-term sustainability. As a result, corporate finance teams are more actively partnering with IT to ensure the organization’s security strategies protect critical financial data. Fortinet’s Araldo Menegon discusses the issues and trends affecting corporate finance teams today. Q&A with Araldo Menegon, Global Managing Director Financial Services at Fortinet Isn’t security managed by corporate IT? Why do finance... [Read More]
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