We recently talked with Ladi Adefala to get a better understanding of how the dark, mysterious underground of cyber crime is helping to fuel this growth, and how it impacts businesses and individuals. [Read More]
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Given the popularity and success of ransomware, it is no surprise that malware authors have been developing more ransomware than ever before. Last year’s cost of ransomware attacks reached $1 billion, which not only shows how this affects businesses, but for cybercriminals the potential pay-out for cyber-extortion can be very lucrative. The rise of ransomware infections may also be attributed to the attractiveness growing availability of Ransomware-as-a-Service (Raas). Ransomware authors posts are now developing user-friendly... [Read More]
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We recently received a URL through Skype that caught our attention. It was a link belonging to LinkedIn, with our Skype ID as a parameter at the end of the URL. https://www.linkedin.com/slink?code=e2nsPHa#jpulusiv=victimskypeid   Usually, people would be wary when they receive links that look somewhat suspicious. But this link is from LinkedIn, the world’s largest networking site, so it would easy for anyone receiving this to quickly dismiss any thought of it being harmful. And the convincing personalized Skype ID at the... [Read More]
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Malware and hacking services are becoming commoditized. Ransomware as a service has become popular this year. More effective security tools have cybercriminals looking for new tools and techniques to more effectively target victims and bypass security. And malware developers are continually looking for new markets where they can connect and sell their services. In the past, we have discussed the rise of the DarkNet as a cybercrime marketplace. But the reality is that many attackers simply use sites such as eBay, Craigslist, and other well-known... [Read More]
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Vawtrak, also known as Neverquest, is a banking trojan that is capable of bypassing 2FA (two factor authentication) on some financial institutions. It is also one of your typical information stealer. One of the main strengths of Vawtrak is its use of layering techniques within its code. Within its layers, Vawtrak employs different armoring strategies such as Anti-Emulator, Anti-Debugger, Anti-Analysis, Encryption/Decryption/Hashing, Compression/Decompression, Garbage collection, and Code injection. TOR 101 The Onion Router, or simply known... [Read More]
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We are in the age of information and for the past 25 years the internet has been an awesome force for good. It has created an incredible information economy across networks and won our trust as a viable platform for the exchange of just about anything. However, underneath it all, there is a terrible tempest brewing. In a time when any motivated person can raise a few hundred thousand dollars in crowdfunding, so too can any motivated person find a way to steal it. The hacking economy is booming and the barriers to entry are low. Prerequisite knowledge... [Read More]
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