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Interview with Rima Aristocrat, President and CEO of Willis College Q: Tell us a bit about Willis College and the type of courses that drive the greatest student engagement? A:  Established in 1866, Willis College is Canada’s first regulated Career College. This year, Willis College is celebrating 150 years of excellence in education, an outstanding example of the strength and agility of career colleges in Canada. With over 150,000 graduates and an exceptional faculty, Willis College is proud to be a pipeline for producing some... [Read More]
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The Enterprise security market has grown extremely complicated over the past decade. This complexity is being compounded as the business of Financial Services moves from person-to-person transactions to automated high-speed machine-to-machine operations and workflows. We originally designed security systems that protect people from other people – vaults, teller cages, guards, armored cars, alarms, and security cameras. These tools allowed us to trust people as business partners.  This has all changed. Financial Services is moving to... [Read More]
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The vast majority of security strategies are reactive. The goal is to close the gap between the time to compromise and time to discover. According to the 2016 DBIR report, this compromise time is minutes for a majority (over 80%) of breaches. Solving this problem is complicated because threats are always changing. They have increased in frequency and volume, and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated. This is due, in part, to the dramatic expansion of the available attack surface that cybercriminals can target. Networks are adding end user... [Read More]
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Some say the biggest threat to security today is the talent gap. Although that may not be necessarily true, talent remains a concern for organizations of all sizes around the globe. Fortinet’s Stephan Tallent shares some perspective:An interview with Stephan TallentCan you give us a glimpse into how the security talent shortage is affecting and influencing the future of cybersecurity industry? Finding the right talent is an issue in every industry, so why is it especially critical in cybersecurity? The bad guys are capitalizing on greater resources,... [Read More]
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Businesses today face an ever-evolving threatscape with growing pressure to rethink security strategies for long-term sustainability. As a result, corporate finance teams are more actively partnering with IT to ensure the organization’s security strategies protect critical financial data. Fortinet’s Araldo Menegon discusses the issues and trends affecting corporate finance teams today.Q&A with Araldo Menegon, Global Managing Director Financial Services at Fortinet Isn’t security managed by corporate IT? Why do finance teams need to get involved?More... [Read More]
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It’s evident that demand for trained and experienced cybersecurity professionals far exceeds supply. With 46% of organizations now claiming that they have a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills, significantly up from last year at just 28%, its apparent that the growing cybersecurity talent shortage is starting to represent a global security risk. [i]   Lacking a comprehensive cybersecurity education and training strategy, large organizations are going to continue to battle highly sophisticated and well-organized cyber-adversaries... [Read More]
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Creating secure environments where we can conduct business safely, protect our customers, and create value that others can’t easily steal requires real determination to do things differently. We’ve seen plenty of organizations with large investments in security hardware and dedicated security teams suffer massive compromises. Real cybersecurity, however, involves a cultural shift at all levels of an organization that puts security first. It’s the second week of National Cyber Security Awareness month. Last week we talked... [Read More]
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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and it's all too easy to dwell on the hacks and attacks that make headlines every day. It sometimes seems as though every month recently has been Cyber Security Awareness Month. Data breaches and a distinct sense of "cyber insecurity" pervade the news and our digital lives. Victims of cyber attacks range from the largest corporations and government agencies right down to friends and family members whose personal data has been exposed. Instead of focusing on victims and attacks,... [Read More]
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  In the security hardware world, NDPP CC certification is a big deal, especially for government and enterprise customers who require independent assurance that devices can meet critical standards for network protection. These are more than just letters or one more test that vendors can wave around in the race to claim their products are “the best” or “the most secure”. Let’s take a step back, though, and look at what CC certification really is and what it means to buyers and IT decision makers. “Common... [Read More]
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Security has typically fallen under the purview of IT, but it’s time to elevate it to a C-suite level discussion. Seemingly every time we turn around there’s something in the news or on social media about high-profile companies like Target, Sony Pictures, Home Depot and JP Morgan Chase experiencing data breaches -- making them almost commonplace and lowering their shock value as a result. Yet, that’s a compelling reason why organizations need to come together and discuss how to protect their network infrastructure. It’s no... [Read More]
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