We’re so used to getting what we want, without compromise.  Sometimes, though, we get forced into a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t sit well with anyone. How often have you seen small businesses or branch offices using consumer-grade wireless or larger organizations trying to shoe-horn a single wireless LAN solution across all of their locations? No, wireless APs aren’t exactly cheeseburgers, but there’s no reason to settle for less than the right architecture for your organization. There’s a lot of... [Read More]
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Fortinet has a broad portfolio of security hardware, but a lesser known bit of freeware from the company recently caught my eye. I just recently began working with Fortinet and have been familiarizing myself with their hardware and software. I’ve known about the company for years, but their product portfolio is pretty deep, so it was time for a closer look. Ironically, it wasn’t the ridiculously fast next gen firewalls or integrated UTM/WiFi products that initially caught my eye. It was a free Windows utility for planning wireless deployments... [Read More]
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I am sitting in the very active parking lot of a large campus in my blacked out van with several laptops and directional antennas. It is just me and my gear. I am trying to break into a "secure" wireless network that had been deployed there when this guy comes and taps on my window and asks me through the slightly open glass what I was doing there. Damn! I thought my cover was blown and that I'd be summarily escorted off campus or that the police would be called on me. That would have been the end of my day and would have put a damper on my progress.... [Read More]
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This is a Guest Blog by Secured Retail Retail IT environments are becoming complex as retailers continue to grow and add stores. Each store is another end-point which needs to be secured and all stores need to meet PCI-DSS regulatory requirements in order for the retailer to be deemed compliant. Secured Retail works with retailers and restaurants of all sizes and the following are five challenges we face due to the distributed nature of the retail environment: Secured Retail Networks, Inc. is a Fortinet Platinum Partner and a consulting... [Read More]
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Once upon a time in 2009 the City of Bozeman, Montana found itself at the brunt of a public firestorm when it became known that members had the audacity to request social networking credentials from applicants. Oh, those were the good ole' days. The issue once again came to the forefront of public attention in recent weeks when news reports started indicating that not only are other employers following suit, but demanding users' social networking credentials was staring to become an accepted hiring practice. In one story, the AP illuminated... [Read More]
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