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Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Framework has once again achieved Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) Certification from ICSA Labs for Q1 of 2016.  We remain one of the four vendors in the entire industry who have achieved this independent certification.Advanced threats represent some of the most difficult security challenges faced by organizations – as well as by the vendors who build tools to detect and stop them. Fortinet has developed the Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Framework to do just that. It is built around the seamless... [Read More]
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NSS Labs released their second annual breach detection system (BDS) test results this week, highlighting a market that is growing at a CAGR of 32%, more than double that of next gen firewalls.  Gartner cites 20 vendors in this competitive space – 9 of them participated in the NSS Labs comparison, giving IT and security decision makers robust, objective data on which to base their purchases. Let’s take a step back, though, and clearly define breach detection systems. Many vendors simply refer to them as sandboxes, but NSS Labs... [Read More]
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Protection from advanced cyber threats requires a holistic approach to security - Including powerful sandboxing technologies. When we talk about sandboxes, we’re not talking about that big pile of dirt and germs you played in as a kid, although the name is certainly apt given the sorts of threats and infections that get bounced around in sandbox appliances. Sandboxes are either physical or virtual appliances that actually allow potentially malicious code to run in a safe environment where their behavior can be observed directly. Sandboxing... [Read More]
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Once upon a time, cybercriminals had their sights set solely on large-scale corporations and national governments to elicit highly profitable returns. No doubt, major organizations still wear a big red X. But with the evolution and proliferation of sophisticated malware, the target pool has broadened to include just about every business. One reason is that the essence of cybercrime has fundamentally changed - in lots of ways. For one, more cybercriminals are equipped with a toolbox of cheap and generic weaponry. And the simplicity and accessibility... [Read More]
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No doubt, security would become a lot easier if every malicious IP client came with its own red flag. But, as with most things in life, it's almost never quite that easy. That said, there are a few ways to identify suspicious behavior before the onset of Advanced Persistent Threats or other malicious exploits. Here are a few warning signs that herald danger ahead, according to Fortinet's new white paper "Detecting What's Flying Under the Radar: The Importance of Client Reputation in Defending Against Advanced Threats." One Too Many Failed Connections: Malware... [Read More]
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