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Firewall deployments can be characterised by episodes of intense activity interspersed with long periods of “I assume it’s working ok”. However, between the cutover and Business as Usual (BAU) transition the long term feed and watering some aspects of Firewall maintenance are often overlooked. Nailing down your FortiGate fleet’s interaction with the FortiGuard Distribution Network (FDN) is such a task. Enabling your FortiGate estate to dial home to the FDN is an important, but simple step towards firewall deployment finalization.... [Read More]
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Deploying new firewalls in a greenfield environment is a fairly straightforward task. However, replacing an existing solution with new firewalls is more challenging. Sadly it’s not quite a case of plug and play; the existing environment will already be supporting applications and services. Starting over with the firewall policy is rarely an option. A large part of my day is centered around firewall conversions, or migrations. This is a task that can vary from “dead simple” to “dead hard” and is dependent on many... [Read More]
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The FortiGate Cookbook website, found at, was launched at the end of 2014. You can now enjoy the Cookbook, and all its step-by-step recipes for using a FortiGate, in a whole new way. If you want to jump right to the website, go right ahead and use the link above. But if you'd like to learn more first, check out the following video website walkthrough:   As you can see in the video, the Cookbook website offers a number of great features to help you accomplish your networking goals, such as: Videos... [Read More]
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All one has to do is take a look at the latest headlines to know that Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are becoming increasingly commonplace in the enterprise environment. But that doesn't make them any less of a threat. In fact, quite the opposite. These days, powerful DDoS attacks have the ability to shut down dozens of servers, causing hours of lost service time, while damaging brands and costing victim companies millions in lost revenues. And many of these attacks now come equipped with stealth capabilities that can easily dodge... [Read More]
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Imagine configuring and securing a network blindfolded. Safe to say, that's just shy of a completely impossible task. But when IT administrators don't have a comprehensive view of the network, they are essentially doing just that. That lack of visibility, or those "dark spots" in the network, can create a subterfuge for security threats to gain entry and fly under the radar. In short, the old adage, "You can't secure what you can't see," still applies. Those critical visibility issues are what Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)... [Read More]
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In a recent post we explored the Myths about DDoS. Despite their infamy, many misconceptions surround the world of DDoS but now that you know the facts let's go one step further. Typical internet security appliances come prepackaged with signatures and rules that help identify attacks as simple as they come. This works in many cases but does not make any distinction between the attack traffic and legitimate users who are just trying to view your website. There is also the ever looming threat of zero-day attacks that signature based approaches are... [Read More]
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We are in the age of information and for the past 25 years the internet has been an awesome force for good. It has created an incredible information economy across networks and won our trust as a viable platform for the exchange of just about anything. However, underneath it all, there is a terrible tempest brewing. In a time when any motivated person can raise a few hundred thousand dollars in crowdfunding, so too can any motivated person find a way to steal it. The hacking economy is booming and the barriers to entry are low. Prerequisite knowledge... [Read More]
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Last month we explored the History of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks and how they have developed over time. DDoS attacks are one of the most fundamental and their use in disrupting services online has been unabated since the early 1970's. That being said, DDoS attacks are still one of the top threats to networks the world over, constantly adapting to new standards of protection and security. There are many different flavors of DDoS attack and almost as many misconceptions. Myth 1: It only happens to the other guy Most network and... [Read More]
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In 1974 a 13-year old boy named David Dennis discovered that he could lock up a PLATO terminal by making an external request when no external device was present. This prompted David, a student at University High school in Champaign Illinois, to write a program that could send the request to multiple PLATO terminals at once. He first launched the program on a nearby university computer lab, forcing 31 frustrated students to restart their PLATO terminals. The Denial of Service attack was born. In early 2000s the attacks used to be spoofed. Over... [Read More]
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Cryptography has been around for a while, which is a bit of an understatement. Below is an infographic that will give a glimpse into the world of cryptography. [Read More]
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