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Third of our three part series on the Anatomy of a Crimeware Syndicate, as delineated by Derek Manky, Senior Security Strategist at Fortinet. In part one we discussed the fundamental infrastructure and hierarchy of a crimeware syndicate. Part two talked about the threat landscape and major botnet takedowns. Now part three looks at specific threats facing organizations and outlines what tools can be used to combat them. You often get what you pay for, and crimeware markets are no exception. Attackers looking for crimeware can expect to pay more... [Read More]
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** Part two of our three part series Anatomy of a Crimeware Syndicate. In part one we talked about the hierarchy and operations of a crimeware syndicate. Today we’re going to talk about the threat landscape that sustains crimeware and part three will look at solutions organizations can implement to reduce their risk. ** Crimeware syndicates aren't going away anytime soon. In short, it’s way too profitable--crimeware equals high returns and almost zero risk for its creators. And up until now, approaches to mitigate or prevent crimeware... [Read More]
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The first of a three-part series, delineated by Fortinet's Derek Manky, which closely examines crimeware syndicates' infrastructure, the current threat environment that sustains these underground networks and possible protection mechanisms for targeted organizations. It's no secret that cyber criminals have evolved from out-of-the-basement hackers to highly organized and efficient networks employing thousands of “workers” to achieve their criminal objectives. But the criminal underground had a little help. Thus, its not entirely surprising... [Read More]
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