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There was a flurry of news articles out recently highlighting some interesting data points from IDC. In particular, according to IDC, worldwide factory revenue from security appliances was up 7.2% year on year to $2.3 billion, as unit shipments increased 5.2% to 538,428. Granted, Q4 is generally the strongest quarter in the tech industry, so it should be no surprise to most to see a strong finish to the year. \"Fortinet saw the largest revenue growth among the top five vendors at 27.2%,\" according to IDC. What is interesting is this graph (thanks... [Read More]
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Some interesting results from our recent FortiBlog survey. When asked how your organizations are dealing with client software on personal devices, out of 286 respondents, more than half of you stated that such devices are not permitted on your network. About a third said you're using Mobile Device Management clients and the rest were using either VPN clients of virtual desktop technology. I'm struck by the large number that do not permit personal devices on your network. And, I wouldn't be surprised if this number decreases rapidly in the coming... [Read More]
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BYOD – Lessons From The Past In a recent survey of people in their 20’s conducted by Fortinet, the majority of respondents stated that bringing their own device (BYOD) to their workplace was a right and not a privilege. And nearly a third said that they would contravene a company’s security policy that forbids them to use their personal devices at work or for work purposes. Surely, a client-centric approach to BYOD will face difficulties when so many workers will actively seek... [Read More]
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As the parent of a one-year old, I have found myself very well acquainted with nursery rhymes. From Sesame Street to the myriad of toys that my child owns, nursery rhymes are everywhere in my world. Maybe that explains why I immediately made the connection between a great presentation at the Gartner Security and Risk Summit and the well-known nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty. Yes, I said Humpty Dumpty. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men Couldn't put Humpty together again. Now,... [Read More]
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Fortinet recently conducted an informal poll through the company’s blog that asked visitors if they were currently using app control as part of their security strategy. Out of 261 respondents, 75% said “yes,” they were using some form of application control in their network. 14% said, “What’s application control?,” which is just a little bit disconcerting considering all of the new threat vectors we’re seeing out there occurring at the application layer. And interestingly, 11% said “no." Good news and bad news with this latest... [Read More]
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Recently published data indicate that the average businessperson has 3.5 such mobile devices – a laptop, a tablet or netbook and one or two cellular phones. This number has doubled in three years and, in all likelihood, will continue to grow. Perhaps this is one reason why so many security professionals are focused on controlling and, in particular, remote wiping physical endpoints. Even more surprising is the anecdotal evidence that security professionals are willing to allocate up to a third of their mobile device management (MDM) budgets to... [Read More]
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CTV British Columbia sits down with Derek Manky, Sr. Security Strategist, from Fortinet FortiLabs Threat Research, and discuss Internet hackers and password security. [Read More]
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If your organization accepts credit cards online you are likely more than familiar with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Since late 2004 this framework for developing payment card data security processes -- including prevention, detection and incident response -- has continued to evolve. The areas covered by PCI-DSS are extensive and range from installing and maintaining a firewall configuration, monitoring access to network resources, and even includes testing Web applications, all in order to protect cardholder data. A... [Read More]
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The DNSChanger virus: At the outset it appears to be on par with doomsday Y2K or Conficker worm hysteria. But it’s not. The Internet itself is not going to implode. In fact, the explanation is pretty simple and the fix can be applied in a matter of minutes. That said, come Monday, many users with the DNSChanger virus plaguing their computers will be kicked offline until the nasty bug is removed. The problem reared its ugly head over the last several years when Estonian malware authors created DNSChanger, which—true to its name—rerouted... [Read More]
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It’s no secret that Android malware is starting to run rampant on users’ phones with no immediate signs of slowdown. And numerous reports indicate that the numbers continue to climb exponentially upward. To give you a taste of what’s lurking out there, the following link points to a list of mobile malware variants that the FortiGuard Labs team has uncovered. And the reason mobile malware authors are enjoying an extended field day on Android is overwhelmingly attributed to the open nature of the platform. Google’s Android has found... [Read More]
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