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All too often, cyber space seems a vast and unregulated "Wild West," where anarchy is the norm and criminal justice remains by-and-large a concept rarely enforced. What's more, the Internet cloaks cybercriminals under a blanket of anonymity, where they have the ability to take down international governments and large-scale corporations at the touch of a button from any where in the world. It's no secret that the "lawless" nature of cyberspace has become an accepted status-quo - so much so that high-profile cybercrime, international privacy breaches... [Read More]
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I am sitting in the very active parking lot of a large campus in my blacked out van with several laptops and directional antennas. It is just me and my gear. I am trying to break into a "secure" wireless network that had been deployed there when this guy comes and taps on my window and asks me through the slightly open glass what I was doing there. Damn! I thought my cover was blown and that I'd be summarily escorted off campus or that the police would be called on me. That would have been the end of my day and would have put a damper on my progress.... [Read More]
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As any competitive athlete can attest, if you want to win any game, you first have to understand the players. That's the premise behind ethical hacking. Frequently depicted in books and espionage thrillers as shadowy and mysterious, ethical hackers often appear to occupy a moral gray area - possessing the ability to commit nefarious crimes but instead applying their brilliance and technical acumen for the pursuit of justice. So who are these guys, anyway? As the name suggests, the practice of ethical hacking trains individuals to fight cybercrime... [Read More]
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The fair land of Scotland might seem an unlikely place to boost expertise and revolutionize tactics aimed at apprehending criminals. However, police departments and detectives in England's neighbor to the north are helping reshape the agency's direction a bit by bulking up their cyber security acumen. And they're turning to the research community to do so. According to the Edinburgh News, Scottish law enforcement agents have adopted a new Digital Investigator course into their curriculum, facilitated by cyber security experts at Edinburgh Napier... [Read More]
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_Behind the Firewall is an ongoing series that explores the stories of individuals and organizations in their use of firewall technology. Recently, a user on twitter reached out to us and told us about his home networking story. _ Darin Cowan was a security consultant for nearly 20 years before taking a job as the manager of corporate security at a Canadian financial institution. Darin's experience in the industry has enabled him to build an impressive home network that seconds as a lab for testing and continued consulting purposes. His impressive... [Read More]
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It is fair to say that most remote and traveling workers know that no public Wi-Fi hotspot is, or will ever be, deemed completely safe. But these days, that rings especially true for Windows Phone users when connecting to public wireless networks. Earlier this month, Microsoft issued an advisory warning users that a critical flaw in Windows Phone 7.8 and 8 could leave users susceptible to password theft when connecting to rogue Wi-Fi networks. Specifically, the flaw resides in a Wi-Fi authentication mechanism -- PEAP-MS-CHAPv2 - which enables... [Read More]
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Say what you want about large Telcos and other phone companies. Lately, they're putting up a fight to ensure that their customers don't get scammed. According to a recent USA Today article, several carriers have implemented policies aimed at shielding American users from a burgeoning industry of cybercrime operators behind some of the world's biggest SMS premium texting scams. As mentioned in a previous Fortinet post , SMS texting scams, otherwise known as SMShing, entail the act of tricking users into downloading an infected mobile app that causes... [Read More]
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More often than not, malware stealthily infects systems and lifts valuable data long before it is ever detected, let alone eliminated. That said, it's not surprising that some of the most pernicious threats often go underestimated, or are dismissed altogether. But what happens when the opposite is true, when fear and panic surrounding malware come to a dramatic crescendo - so much so that users place valuable resources and security dollars into fighting a costly, but non-existent, threat? That was a hard lesson to learn for one Commerce Department... [Read More]
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