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I recently wrote about the general sessions held on the first day of Fortinet's Accelerate 2017. There was so much great information presented that I couldn’t do justice to it in the general overview I posted of the morning’s events. So I wanted to take a few minutes and provide some deeper information around one of the best sessions of the day – the customer panel. [Read More]
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Fortinet’s John Maddison offers some perspective following our Security Fabric and Fabric Ready announcements earlier this year. Can you talk about why “open” is such a critical element of our GTM selling strategy? An “open” strategy demonstrates the maturity of a vendor in their evolution towards developing a complete ecosystem of partnerships. This... [Read More]
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FortiCast, the new podcast about Fortinet technology, available now on iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube, as well as the podcast app of your choice. [Read More]
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Our patent reward program open to all employees is a huge part of why Fortinet has reached another innovation milestone - more than 343 patents issued worldwide, with more pending. [Read More]
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This post originally appeared as a byline in Dark Reading. For cyber intelligence sharing to work, organizations need two things: to trust each other, and better processes to collect, exchange, and act on information quickly. As cyberthreats become more sophisticated and expand to the Cloud and the Internet of Things, the sharing of meaningful threat intel between trusted organizations has become more critical than ever before.  At Fortinet this year, our teams witnessed the benefits of info sharing first hand as part of a joint... [Read More]
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The next President of the United States will begin their term in the midst of dramatic transitions happening across the world. This isn’t about the deficit or foreign policy or climate change. Advisors well versed in strategies related to those issues surround the President. What needs to be addressed is the global transition to a digital economy. This change is affecting every aspect of our society, from how businesses generate profit to how individuals live their lives and interact socially. The digital economy and society combine technolo [Read More]
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With cybercrime such a big concern these days, cooperation and information sharing between public and private organizations has never been more important. We recently talked with Derek Manky, Global Security Strategist at Fortinet, to get his thoughts on the difficulty, and importance, of trusted networks for sharing information in the world of cybersecurity.   NOTE: This week NIAS'16 will bring together over 1,000 cyber security professionals and decision-makers (including Fortinet) to discuss NATO's future requirements for... [Read More]
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The recent issue that was disclosed publicly was resolved and a patch was made available in July 2014 as part of Fortinet’s commitment to ensuring the quality and integrity of our codebase. This was not a “backdoor” vulnerability issue but rather a management authentication issue. The issue was identified by our Product Security team as part of their regular review and testing efforts. After careful analysis and investigation, we were able to verify this issue was not due to any malicious activity by any party, internal or external.  If... [Read More]
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With the network perimeter disappearing before our eyes, a new model of firewall deployment represents an untapped opportunity for the security channel that shouldn’t be ignored.  Here are the top four reasons you should pay attention to Internal Segmentation Firewalls (ISFW): 1. The traditional “edge” firewall is no longer enough. As enterprise organizations adopt the latest IT technologies like Mobility and Cloud – and look ahead to things like container security – one unintended result is the expansion... [Read More]
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Overview Despite a number of recent vulnerabilities discovered in Adobe Shockwave and a general move to other multimedia platforms, Adobe reports that over 450 million Internet-enabled computers have Adobe Shockwave installed.  Shockwave remains a powerful legacy platform that supports raster graphics, basic vector graphics, 3D graphics, audio, and an embedded scripting language called Lingo.    Recently, researchers at FortiGuard Labs discovered a memory corruption vulnerability (CVE-2015-7649) in Shockwave that could... [Read More]
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