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If you're a small to mid-size Enterprise, you have seen the headlines about increasingly advanced, and targeted, attacks but you may not be sure how to protect your network and data. Or you might be thinking you're too small to attract targeted attacks. Or even if you may be a target you think you can't afford to deploy Next Generation Firewalls.

Today, Fortinet announced the availability of the new FortiGate-300D and 500D. These new models extend our top-rated NGFW line, setting a new level in affordability and threat protection with 5x Next Generation Firewall performance. This means that when comparing FW+IPS performance with comparably priced competitive models, Fortinet delivers a minimum of 5 times the throughput. In fact, in many cases we deliver far more than 5x Next Generation Firewall performance.

Superior performance gives customers the confidence to turn on additional integrated security functions (Application Control, IPS, Anti-malware, Web Filtering, etc.) protecting them from today's sophisticated threats. It also allows them to consolidate other network security devices (gateway AV, web filtering and so forth). Industry leading threat protection and price/performance makes this advanced capability attainable even for smaller enterprise. Can you afford not to protect your business with the best Next Generation Firewall?

Additional information: Next Generation Firewalls and the press release from Fortinet, and more information about the FortiGate-300D and 500D.

by RSS Tamir Hardof  |  Jul 09, 2014  |  Filed in: Industry Trends & News

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